5 Ways to Improve the Customer Post-Purchase Shipping Experience

5 Ways to Improve the Customer Post-Purchase Shipping Experience

According to a recent study conducted by Forbes on customer satisfaction, businesses lose about $75 billion due to poor post-purchase shipping experience. The key reason? Failing to streamline their post-purchase shipping activities (aka, delivery, tracking, and returns).

What Is Involved In Post-Purchase Experience

Every touchpoint during the customer interaction process needs to be streamlined for a seamless eCommerce shopping experience that is inclusive of delivery, tracking, and returns. The processes involved in the post-purchase shipping experience include:

  • Customer tracking capabilities – the accuracy of the system used as well as the data provided to customers are a major factor.
  • Are the deliveries made to customers within the promised timeline – the delivery process needs to be quick and without any hassles.
  • Are the deliverables properly packaged – the items require proper packaging and must be intact.
  • The experience involved in initiating and finishing a return – the simplicity involved in returning as well as receiving credits/funds.

Why Is Post-Purchase Shipping Experience Important?

The reason behind successful eCommerce giants is their reliability on fulfillment tools and services. These fulfillment tools ensure optimized post-purchase shipping and logistics experience that increases customer satisfaction and thereby improves customer lifetime value. For instance, eCommerce retail giants like Amazon provide same-day delivery to improve customer experience.

Post-purchase experience is crucial to prevent any drops in future sales generated from existing customers. Additionally, since the time between the purchase and delivery of items is highly anticipated by customers, it is important to manage this anticipation by allowing customers to track their delivery as well as provide feedback on the service obtained.

In a nutshell, retaining your existing customers is as crucial as acquiring new ones. Let us now look at how your customer’s post-purchase shipping experience can be improved.

How to Improve Your Customer’s Post-Purchase Shipping Experience

eCommerce platforms rely on digital capabilities with the help of predictive analytics to provide personalized customer experiences. Let’s walk through the various ways in which customer post-purchase shipping experience can be improved.

1. Tracking Deliverables In Real-Time And Updating Customers On The Same

According to a recent study by Narvar, 53 percent of shoppers hesitate to order online if they are unaware of when they will get their orders delivered. Ensuring regular interaction with customers is hence crucial. Providing customers visibility into the time frame and delivery status of their products improves customer satisfaction. There are intelligent algorithms that can provide your customers insights into delivery times and also help them predict delays, if any.

2. Creating A Branded-Tracking Page To Cross-Sell

Branding your business is important. Equally important is how you brand it. A customized site that involves your business brand which illustrates the product tracking information can act as the best alternative to your shipping carrier’s tracking page. Additionally, this site can also be used for cross-selling other products as well.

3. Increase Customer Anticipation Of Delivery

Informational emails that list out the product’s features increase the customer’s anticipation to unbox the order placed. For instance, sending them tips on how to use the product can increase their levels of anticipation for the item(s) to be delivered. Additionally, this can also help in cross-selling some of your brand’s other products as well.

4. Bearing The Cost Of Return Shipping And Providing Return Shipping Labels

When customers find out that there is an option to return a product if they are not satisfied, it adds to their post-purchase experience. Customers tend to gain trust in the brand. Bearing the cost of return shipping will prompt the customer to buy the product, especially when you send a return shipping label along with the product. Refunding the cost incurred for return shipping or providing your customers with discount coupons for their future shopping will also add to improving your customer’s post-purchase shipping experience.

5. Compensating Customers For Any Delay Incurred

Delays can occur due to umpteen reasons. The best way to compensate for a delay is to send them discount codes and offers, along with a note of apology. This could incentivize your customers into shopping with you in the future as well.

If increasing customer retention levels is one of your goals, you could benefit by analyzing and optimizing your customer’s post-purchase shipping experience. Get more tips on post-purchase Do’s and Dont’s – just give us a call and talk to our experts for step-by-step guidance on improving your customer’s shopping experience!

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