Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions: Luxury or Necessity?

Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions:  Luxury or Necessity?

Many contact centers operating today are facing challenges to keep up with how businesses communicate. Due to limitations, cloud contact centers have evolved as the next best solution. Real-time access, easy integration, reduced costs, etc. are a few key advantages of cloud-based centers. Before we walk in through the benefits of cloud-based centers for your business, it is essential to know the digital shift that has taken place over the years.

Call Centers to Cloud Contact centers: The Digital Shift Paradigm

In this digital era, call centers have transformed into smart cloud contact centers. A decade ago, when smartphones used to be in their infancy, digital transformation slowly evolved.

Since the year 2015, businesses started witnessing digital contacts such as email, social media and web chats take over voice-based contacts. And then corporations started to feel the cost overhead strike their business significantly. There was also the risk of maintaining customer loyalty. This is when call-based centers digitally transformed into modernized contact centers. When the contact centers turned cloud-based, it simplified the digital transformation process.

The shift involves three phases:

1. Automation: Ensures Efficient and Low-Cost Operations

This phase involves introducing automation techniques such as IVR or Interactive Voice Response systems. Hereby, callers get automated responses to common questions in a self-service system.

2. Customer Engagement: Ensures Customer Retention

Deploying new technologies that will help callers offer multi-channel support via email, chat, and SMS help companies receive faster complaint resolution and also higher customer satisfaction scores.

3. Transformation: Predict Customer Behavior and Improve Decision-Making

Instead of waiting to solve customer problems after they arise, it is better to predict issues and prevent them from taking place. For instance, the IoT technology can enable a prescriptive analysis to help businesses derive critical insights into which areas they should reach out to customers. This will result in lower customer acquisition costs and increased transaction conversion rates.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Centers

With correct planning and a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) partnership, a cloud-based contact center solution can provide you with a unified solution for inbound as well as outbound voice communications. Businesses, irrespective of size, can leverage the benefits of cloud-based contact centers by centralizing customer interactions via multiple channels that include voice, media, chats, text messages, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions, and so on.

  • Scalability Of Workforce

With a hosted cloud-based contact center, it is easier to scale the workforce at a rapid pace to meet increasing customer demands. Additionally, it prevents the need to invest in voice modules, additional software licenses, servers for storage, expansion I/O cards, and so on. The same applies for additional IT personnel. Your business just needs to pay only for what it makes use of.

  • Up-To-Date Compliance

Businesses are used to handle compliance requirements in-house. This requires contact centers to work simultaneously to ensure safe data handling. In certain heavily-regulated businesses, regulatory regimes such as HIPAA, PCI, etc. can be complex. In such cases, it is ideal for businesses to adopt Cloud-based contact center solutions to ensure a centralized platform that can easily adapt to new regulatory changes with controlled risks.

  • Flexible and Flat-Rate Billing

One-time costs for updates and installation of contact center solutions on-site are daunting as compared to flexible and flat-rate billing that is paid each month. This not only provides the ease to consolidate costs across various geographies but also provides automatic access to systematic updates based on the actual use.

  • Improved Remote Workforce Communication

Opting for the right cloud-based contact center implementation can significantly reduce costs associated with employing home-based agents. This allows for the flexibility to hire for more resources based on requirements.

  • Ensures Business Continuity

A well-designed cloud-based contact center ensures business continuity as the workforce can use their computers or smartphones to access the contact center with just an internet connection.

With a Cloud Contact Center as a Service solution, your business can outsource the task and focus on core functionalities to improve productivity and drive business growth significantly.

According to a recent study, the market for cloud-based contact center technology is forecast to reach $15.67 billion by the year 2021. To learn more about how to transition from premises-based hardware services to cloud-based solutions to leverage the benefits of reduced overheads and improved ROI, drop us a call right away and talk to our strategists!

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