eCommerce-Friendly Packaging = Key to Success for CPGs

eCommerce-Friendly Packaging = Key to Success for CPGs

Most products that fall under Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) have short shelf lives, which is largely why they are “brick and mortar-first" businesses. Still, more than half of the world’s population is online today, with 60 out of 100 users showing a keen interest in buying CPGs online. This makes packaging extremely crucial for FMCGs.

The secret for success of CPGs in the ecommerce world is making the packaging convenient, safe, hygienic, and enticing to consumers. Here are a few things you should consider when optimizing your ecommerce packaging strategy.

Catering to an omnichannel world:

Micro-moments (relying on a device to do something) have a huge impacton consumer shopping today. Smartphones are an integral part of consumers’ shopping journeys to check prices, compare products, read reviews and look for local stores. Similarly, an online-redeemable coupon which a consumer receives while shopping in a chain store can take the consumer to the retailer’s website, or a web banner ad which the shopper views on their desktop can lead them to visit the nearest outlet to get a high touch experience.

Retailers as well as brand owners should take into account the micro-moments that influence the consumer shopping patterns. It is important to identify consumer expectations in today’s omnichannel ecosystem so that brands and retailers can implement the perfect packaging strategy that will induce consumers to repurchase.

Safety and customization in packaging

CPG ecommerce is not about placing food items or beverages in a container and shipping it to the consumer. Your package passes through a lot of hands and processes before reaching the user and you must implement steps to ensure that your packaging is solid, light and secure.

CPG giant Procter & Gamble’s Tide Eco-Box, specifically designed to be shipped to consumers’ homes, is a convenient option for consumers who want to wash clothes while traveling and are unable to access laundry facilities. Currently, this P&G product is exclusively listed in Amazon’s site. Glossier (beauty essentials manufacturer) ships a “pink pouch” along with its packages that enables Glossier fans to keep their things organized, and transport liquids safely.

When you develop an ecommerce packaging system for your CPGs, you must consider a proprietary packaging system that takes into account multiple requirements of your consumers such as airport security approval, transportation convenience, dispensing ease, protection from break-in-transit, spill-proof packaging for liquids, and so on.

Enhancing the visual appeal

When consumers visit your ecommerce website, they tend to shop visually. It’s not like the conventional retail scenario where the consumer touches and feels the product and evaluates its packaging quality prior to the purchase decision process. Online consumers cannot touch your product or examine the quality of your packaging until it arrives on their doorsteps. They make choices based on how clearly and accurately you present your products and packaging options online. Online shopping channels should consider including professional packaging and quality videos or 3D demos to create a positive experience for consumers.

In the ecommerce space, brand connection through visual representation takes place in a different manner. With an expanding online life and increasingly urban lifestyle, people prefer to cut through the noise by welcoming minimalism in packaging. The minimalism trend is all about how the packaging fits into consumer homes. For instance, the oral care brand Hello Products offers a How2Recycle label on its package with simple, consistent, and accurate information that encourages and promotes recycling.

Pack your goods for the online consumer

You cannot simply replicate in-store CPG packaging strategies for ecommerce. Here, the first step is important to understand what users look for in an ecommerce portal, their online behavior, shopping patterns, and other user trends. Answering queries related to packaging and shipping will increase your ratings and garner more positive reviews on your site. By executing an ecommerce-friendly packaging solution, you can achieve benefits like product safety, visual appeal, security in transit, and shipping efficiency.

Considering the growing online life, CPGs may soon switch their packaging strategies from “ecommerce-friendly to ecommerce-first” in the near future!

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