MAI MARCOM Services: An Integrated Approach Yields Higher ROIs

No enterprise, large or small, can afford to ignore marketing communications in today’s hyper-digital age. People spend more time than before on digital screens. But the flip side of increased digitalization is information overload. Unless the marketer delivers robust, innovative services that cater to the client’s needs and captivates the audience within the first seven seconds

Delivering digital services is a tough job when it’s done right. Any provider can offer services such as web storefront solutions, payment integration, adding shipping options, web enablement of legacy services, and more. But standing out from the crowd takes more than just the same old-same old.

Enter MAI MARCOM. MAI MARCOM offers cutting-edge digital services, such as advertising services, graphic design, web development, social media promotions, and direct marketing outreach initiatives. Among the many reasons MARCOM’s services stand out from the competition:

The Commercialization of Creativity

Innovative offerings and creative marketing collaterals attract customers. But unless creativity meets its desired commercial objectives, it is a waste of time and effort as far as the C-suite is concerned.

The MAI MARCOM team has the right experience and a passion for excellence. While creativity is a given, they never lose sight of the main goal of ensuring business objectives are being met. MARCOM’s development team thinks like the end customer. They take the effort to understand the needs and preferences of their client’s customers and place them first in everything they do.

Synergy from Unrelated Areas

MAI MARCOM crafts unique programs, while connecting all enterprise campaigns, including aspects outside the communications area. The unique integrated perspective and connections offered by MAI MARCOM enable the coordination of campaigns with other areas of the client’s business and promote synergy. A hotel chain could, for instance, promote their travel and insurance business at the same time.

Synergy stems from seamless integration.

MARS intranet CRM application integrates with existing enterprise systems to enable tailoring digital collateral down to individual prospects and customers. The strategic differentiation offered by MAI is the ability to customize the CRM easily to suit client needs. The ability to design e-business solutions and integrate it with incumbent business applications enable the enterprise to power up legacy systems and applications effortlessly.

MARSWeb, a secure extranet, complements MARS CRM. The website version of the CRM offers key functionality, yet remains lightweight and accessible anywhere. MARS CRM and MARSWeb enable the enterprise to become more proactive and dynamic, with minimal effort.

Ecosystem Expertise

Today’s digital ecosystem is highly fragmented. Unlike in the past, there is no dominant player or technology. Success depends on the ability of any enterprise to seamlessly integrate different technology on its ecosystem, without creating silos or blocks.

MAI’s expertise in offering system connectors covers all major platforms and communication technologies. The expertise in legacy programming languages, web services, and mobile technologies facilitate an upgrade of legacy systems and seamless integrations. The expertise in embedded systems makes it easy to roll out IoT enabled smart devices.

MAI MARCOM offers seamless system integrations, including for client-specific custom web services. The technologies include Amazon web services (AWS), Magento, Shopify, ShipStation, Landmark, Xoro, Net Suite, Zen Cart, MOM, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and various legacy systems. A popular niche service is EDI Integration with JDE, SAP, Amazon, eBay, HSN, CommerceHub, Fanatics, SPS Commerce, Sears, Indigo and other legacy systems.

MAI is quick to adapt technologies and keep pace with the fast-paced changes. The competent team ensures speedy development and roll out frequent updates, all without compromising quality. The development team take strength from a host of electronic media libraries and interactive training to remain up-to-date.

Whether it is the integration of data flows, developing reports, developing content management sites, credit card processing or payment integrations, or EDI integrations, MAI does the job in double-quick time.

Development and Support for Custom Applications

Digitalization has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digitalization. But enterprises still face constraints in accessing the required technology due to lack of funds, expertise, or C-level buy-in.

Off-the-shelf software or other packaged solutions come with several limitations. These options do not offer the much-needed flexibility the enterprise needs to seize market opportunities in a highly fluid business environment.

MAI’s Enterprise Application Services (EAS) help enterprises overcome the technology constraints inhibiting new tech adoption.

MAI’s custom development services offer remote delivery. A robust dual-shore model ensures cost-efficiencies and speed-to-market.

An experienced team of committed system analysts, developers, and experts in interactive media either assist the client’s in-house team or offer turnkey services. The services extend to design, development and deployment of CRM applications, websites, web optimizing legacy applications, developing mobile solutions for existing or new assets. Enterprises could look to beef up their existing systems, to infuse more dynamism and become more proactive.

Some areas where MAI offers ready-to-customize modules include web design and development, web hosting, content management systems, data warehouses, mobile applications, rewards programs, service dispatch applications, automated inventory alerts, and custom reports.

MAI MARCOM’s system integration and development support services extend to the wireless and mobile application space as well. Clients who partner with MAI may piggybank on the team’s experience and expertise in mobile Salesforce automation, consumer mobile applications, mobile portal applications, and mobile enabling of web applications.

MAI MARCOM infuses proactivity and dynamism to the client’s digital outreach exercise. Know more.

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