Overcoming Challenges in Field Service Management

In a world where businesses are looking to cut costs, increase efficiency and gain market share, field service management plays an increasingly important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Because field service management operations tend to be spread out across wide geographic areas and involve various resources from different locations, the main challenge for field service managers is to track and manage those resources and their associated costs – including factors such as the time required to check/manage inventory or locate parts, travel expenses and ensuring the right human resources are being dispatched to address customer needs.

Enter MAI Service Dispatch (MARS) – a web-based application designed to drive efficiency, streamline processes and optimize the entire service management experience. MARS seamlessly integrates ERPs and accounting systems, provides a great user experience, and boosts productivity, all while tracking every activity in real-time.

MARS supports complex service processes, volatile schedules, and high-volume field activity levels. This proprietary field service application is fully customizable to the individual enterprise’s specific requirements and is supported by a native field service mobile app to allow both field technicians and service managers alike to access data online and offline. Additionally, MARS’ API and packaged integrations are designed to improve customer relationship management, customer service, technician experience, parts management, handle internal and 3rd party technicians, efficiency and profitability with field service automation.

MARS offers functionality for medium- and enterprise-sized businesses with a packaged integration with Legacy systems, ERP, NetSuite, Business Central, Dynamics GP, QuickBooks and more. This full-featured field service management software enables faster response to service requests while providing a full view of technician activity. It also facilitates contract and project management and provides a mobile field service app to aid technicians in the field.

Regardless of the workforce size, field service managers need to get the right technicians, with the right skills, to the right job. With MARS’ field service management software, managers have a full view of their technicians’ schedules via the built-in Resource Calendar and can easily dispatch technicians using the Resource Routing tool for optimized scheduling. The application’s functionality provides the ability to:

  • Use a skill search to match technicians to appropriate service requests
  • See daily, weekly and monthly technician schedules to optimize productivity
  • View technician movements in real-time which facilitates route optimization and reduces travel times

In the field, MARS provides technicians with the ability to access work orders and remove manual processes via the field service mobile app. MARS also automates time and expense tracking, captures photos and customer signatures, and sends work orders directly to the office upon completion from a mobile device. In addition, the application allows technicians to:

  • Search service history from their mobile device to help complete repairs
  • Complete advanced checklists for preventative maintenance and compliance inspections
  • Capture time in the field, reducing administrative work, and help route them to their next call

MARS’ contract module makes quick work of preventative maintenance tracking/scheduling and recurring service delivery, keeping service commitments with customers on track. This module enables service managers to:

  • Build preventative maintenance schedules detailing the interval of service to customers
  • Have work orders created automatically when service is due, ensuring you never miss a call
  • Attach checklists at the contract level which will then be automatically added to the work order

MARS’s project and job costing solution is a user-friendly tool for complex job planning that requires multiple resources, equipment and parts allocation. Whether planning a new installation, upgrading a large system or overhauling an old system, MARS helps bring it in on time and on budget by helping plan each project step, estimate costs, purchase parts, and schedule resources, all with one field service management application that integrates with CRM systems.

MARS’s field service management software gives you access to business intelligence dashboards that helps leverage data by generating analytical reports, using any combination of Key Performance Indicators that are unique to your business. User-friendly reports enable managers to see how departments, technicians, and service teams are performing.

Discover challenges before they translate into problems and identify new opportunities. To stay competitive in today’s field service industry, you need to know exactly how your business is operating. If changes need to be made, you need the data available to make informed business decisions.

MARS’ Business Intelligence function pulls in all the data from the field and turns it into useful information for immediate use. Businesses can improve service delivery with metrics that dive deep into the heart of field service operations.

  • Pull the most up-to-date information available directly from the field
  • Quickly build analytics and reports that matter to the operation
  • Make better, more informed business decisions

MARS’s field service management software is a responsive design and changes display settings for optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. This offers unrestricted access to the application regardless of whether the user is viewing it from a large monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile device. MARS automatically configures to the screen size for the best view possible. Because MARS is cloud-based, all service information, work order management systems, and analytics are easy to access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

No matter how MARS’ field service management software is deployed, it deploys the same web-based field service and project management functionality. It can be utilized in a hosted environment or on-premise, depending on the licensing model best suited to the organization. Licensing options include subscription-based or perpetual models that can be customized around the specific service needs of the organization.

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