MARS Appointment Scheduling Software Saves Time, Boosts Productivity

Appointment scheduling software is more important than ever

Until recently, in-person meetings were the norm. But all that changed without warning as the pandemic forced us to connect via virtual meetings and video conferences. Every single business function that had in-person meetings was migrated to virtual meetings, virtually overnight.

Along with that migration came a huge challenge — scheduling appointments. An appointment scheduling software is a tool that enables the user to set up appointments with specific individuals. Unlike calendar meetings which are usually only for verbal discussions, appointment scheduling software can be used for a wide variety of other uses. For instance, it can be used by Fitness Professionals and Beauty Services Providers, as well as in the Entertainment and e-learning industries.

Appointment software ensures there is a smooth and easy way of getting two or more people attending the same meeting. The meeting can be a voice-based conference or a video meeting where more activities in addition to verbal discussions can happen.

What business functions are compatible with MARS Appointment Scheduling Software?

The MARS appointment application can be used for a variety of business functions, such as:

  • Sales meetings where the sales rep can give a walkthrough to the prospect
  • Job interviews where multiple recruiters can meet the candidate at specific times
  • Marketing meetings where campaigns are discussed with internal stakeholders and external agencies
  • Remote worker huddles where employees convene to discuss details for carrying out everyday activities

MARS Appointment Application Advantages

No matter what kind of appointment you are trying to schedule, MARS appointment application offers a simple and productive way to do it. Think of it as a reimagined way of handling appointments. It ensures that you do not double book, book at the wrong time zone, or have meetings overlap. In short, it eliminates the most common mistakes made when scheduling meetings.

In addition, the application comes fully-integrated with the MARS point-of-sale solution. It has multi-channel capabilities ensuring that appointments from all channels can be captured easily.

Here is a brief take on the capabilities of MARS appointment application:

Online and mobile scheduling

MARS appointment application is designed to simplify life for all users. With that objective, it allows for online and mobile-based appointment scheduling. You can set up appointments through a web browser on your PC or laptop or on your smartphone. As a cloud-based application, it offers multi-device accessibility.

Dealership & call center scheduling

When a customer wants to talk to the dealer at length or seek assistance from the call center, agents may not be readily available to provide support. In such cases, the customer can book an appointment at a mutually convenient time. They do not have to keep holding the phone line or wait endlessly to get connected. The appointment scheduling software ensures that the meeting happens when both parties are available.

Service technician scheduling

In field service management, getting a technician at a scheduled time is difficult. Usually, technicians have to attend to customer issues spread over a large geographical area. That makes their schedule hectic. When combined with the travel time associated with traffic jams and snarl-ups, scheduling becomes almost unpredictable.

Also, the tasks must be assigned based on the technician’s expertise and availability. The schedule should also be convenient for the customer. With MARS appointment scheduling applications, it becomes easier to schedule technician visits.

Store productivity dashboard

Customer experience is a subjective measure. What is deemed to be a positive experience might be below-average for some others. That makes it difficult to measure the efficacy with which a business is serving its customers. However, it is necessary for businesses to track their customer service KPIs and metrics so that gaps and areas of improvement can be identified. MARS appointment application offers a store productivity dashboard which gives a clear view of how efficient the store is in providing customer service. It gives a bird’s eye view of the store’s performance based on which managers can take corrective measures.

Document management system integrations

In a dealership, documentation is the lifeblood of routine activities. It ensures that processes are carried out to the T, there is documentary evidence for important contracts, and that a permanent record is created for completed transactions. Since most documentation is created and maintained over meetings, it is necessary to have a document management system that makes it easy to organize all documents in one place.

What makes MARS Appointment Application special?

There are myriad scheduling and appointment management software options available in the market, but few offer multi-channel schedule management. MARS appointment application steps up the game with a wide array of built-in features and integrations that can make your teams more productive.

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